Who We Are:

A Brother's Fountain is a band birthed from deep spiritual expression within the avenue of passionate music. It's a rag tag group of musicians who took the back door into the music scene. Their story began on the street corners of old town Fort Collins, Colorado. Starting out with just two guitarists/songwriters, the band has evolved into a seven piece with a rather eclectic combination of instruments. They have uncovered a folk inspired genre that you've always wanted to hear, but never knew existed.



"We are a group of brothers and friends who are seeking life and life to the fullest. Music is not our job - It is one of our greatest passions. We believe that music is more than just a noise or a sound. We believe in the experience of music as an expression to God and to People.

The desire of our hearts is to express our joy, love, and zest for life with people through the positive vibrations of our acoustic instruments and soulful vocals. We believe that the heart and motivation behind music matters more than anything else. Our motivation is to spread love."

- Justin Jacob Fountain (Lead Creator & Producer) 

"A Brother's Fountain is a fun, light-hearted band that drives the environment on the train of emotion. Inviting, harmonic tones welcome you aboard with a smile. Their lyrics flirt with depth but remain approachable with the message of victory through togetherness. The melodic humming urges a sincere neighbor hug." 
Justin Jacob Fountain
Guitar / Vocals
Songwriter / Lead Creator & Producer

I started a small video production company with my brother called Stoked Ember. We make inspiring videos that help people see the beauty of life and the adventure that it is. In the summertime, I usually spend a couple days a week helping my buddy with his carpentry business.


I love God and People above all other things. I am passionate about good, healthy community and the wild, wonderful outdoors. And I most definitely love to feed my soul with good music. 

Ryan Guillen
Mandolin / Vocals
Songwriter / Co-Founder

I work as a safety manager for a construction company to feed the belly but I play music to feed the soul. I am married to my best friend Lasha Guillen. It’s really fun figuring out life together with my wife. She is someone who gives me encouragements and perspective. 


I am passionate about the good things in life that build people up and make them better. I love nature, community, music, biking, awe inspiring views, and good food. Get out and play!


AJ Fountain
Bass / Harmonica / Backup Vocals
AKA: A-JIGH *pronounced (age-eye)
Songwriter / Rapper / Hype Man

I help run a video production company with my brother (Stoked Ember). We create videos that inspire people across the world to live their lives to the fullest.  My job is one of my greatest blessings.  I get to explore partnerships with awesome companies, trade cool products, work with my brother, and problem solve my butt off every day. 


I love Getting wild in the wild (naked plunges).  I'm passionate about pushing the boundaries. I'm passionate about helping people feel, explore, and create beyond what they think is possible. I'm passionate about transforming community.  I'm passionate about preserving God's beauty in nature for generations to come.  And of course, as the band name suggests, I'm passionate about strength in brotherhood.  


Roel Calvillo
Percussion / Backup Vocals
Designer / All Things Art / Belly Dancer

I'm an artist by heart, but I work as a facility supervisor at The Fort Collins Rescue Mission (homeless shelter). Im loving life in good ol' Fort Collins Colorado and am enjoying the music, the friends, and the beautiful nature here.


I have a huge passion for art and the artist journey that I have embarked on. I believe everyone has the ability to create and has something to offer the world. Art is something I love to encourage in people, whether it's through paint on a canvas or a beat of the drum.


Bret Rindt
Merch Designer / All Things Gear & Sound

I am a music event professional, curating all Bohemian Nights offerings. Outside of work I volunteer with Diamond Peaks Ski Patrol, perform part-time with the Denver Philharmonic Orchestra, provide guidance to non-profit startups and race on a competitive cycling team.


I love a curious mind in the worlds of powder, cycling, photography, music, and festivals.

Graham Good
Banjo / Lead Guitar / Vocals
Songwriter / Smiler / All Things Excitement

I am excited to grow. I spend most of my time thinking about how I can be a better human, musician, and friend. I am a full-time artist, taking on part-time work to get me by, just enjoying the gift of life!

I love connecting with God through song, deep conversation, and meditation. I believe good things are coming, and that gratitude creates miracles. I’m always up for an adventure with my band of brothers, especially when there’s music and a smile.

Chris More
Saxophone / Percussion / Backup Vocals
Sexy Sax Guy / Hype Man

The journey all began when I moved to Fort Collins in 2012 to study at Colorado State University. I quickly found so much passion revolving around music and people. I immediately slipped into a groove with music lovers and devout adventurers through and through. When I am not jamming on the sax or drums, you can find me tossing the frisbee, making others laugh, or diving deep in my mind through meditation, prayer, reading, watching documentaries, or listening to thought-provoking podcasts. 


I am truly overjoyed by the opportunity to play with such intentional brothers who love music and love serving one another. What I love most about A Brother's Fountain is that it is centered around our relationship with God and pushes us to follow Jesus in daring ways. My relationship with God is the most important thing in my life and to pair God with music and brotherhood is a dream come true.