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Brand & Bio.

Described as "campfire folk," A Brother's Fountain offers a refreshing take on indie folk and Americana, infusing their music with the raw authenticity of life's extraordinary moments. From rowdy anthems to reflective sing-alongs, their songs resonate with themes of nature, friendship, and the pursuit of adventure.


At the heart of their sound lies the trademark "gang vocals" that invite listeners to join in the chorus, creating an immersive experience that feels like gathering around a crackling campfire with old friends.


This rag-tag crew of best buds and mountain junkies (river guides, rock climbers, backpackers, cyclists, skiers, etc.) started their music journey busking on the streets of Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado. Nowadays you’ll find the group playing their music while floating down rivers, camping in the mountains, or at various venues across the West.

Upcoming EP.

A Brother's Fountain partnered with Steve Knight and Rodney Hall at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama to capture five of their original "campfire folk" songs.

The five song EP was recorded in January of 2023 and is scheduled to be released using the "waterfall release strategy" starting with their hit song, "Get Your Ass Outside" on March 19th 2024. The remaining four songs will be released every three weeks thereafter.

Muscle Shoals_Canon (30 of 80).jpg
Partners & Assets.

The groups' brand and messaging aligns well with companies such as Patagonia, REI, Outdoor Research, Topo, etc. They've had various levels of partnerships with KavuOutside MagazineOspreyGive'rDr. Squatch, and more.


Along with making music, the two Fountain brothers own and run a small video production company to help ends meet. Here's a short film that combines their skills and passion for videography, music, and storytelling.

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